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The Gospel Week 10 #52 week challenge

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I Believe

I believe in “please” and “thank you, in “pardon me” and “excuse me.”

I believe in fried chicken and in frying chicken, hand on hip, listening to the oil tell me when to turn a wing or a leg.

I believe in fresh fish.

I believe garlic goes with almost everything.

I believe in Vaseline for my heels and retinol serum for my face.

I believe in clean sheets on New Year’s Day.

I believe in showering before bed to wash away the filth that clings to my mind and body.

I believe in wearing black in the summer and white in the winter.

I believe in knowing how to replace the bit on a drill.

I believe that everyone should know how to drive a car and ride a bike.

I believe in sewing by hand and machine.

I believe that Christmas doesn’t begin until Donnie sings.

I believe that Marvin Gaye was all we needed and that Ron Isley can go sit down somewhere.

I believe that the Honey album cover was our soft porn and we weren’t damaged by it.

I believe that a woman should look like she can cuss you out if she wants to.

I believe diplomacy is overrated and sometimes you gotta knock folks the fuck out.

I believe in fruits and vegetables that don’t need a passport to reach my plate.

I believe in reading.

I believe in subtle wisdom of Winne the Pooh.

I believe in Keds and Converse.

I believe in green nail polish.

I believe in barbershops, not hair salons.

I believe a grown man has no business in a cobalt blue suit.

I believe in having pets.

I believe in being childfree, not childless.

I believe in heated leather seats in cars.

I believe that everyone should see a Broadway play.

I believe in knowing how to make parker house rolls, mashed potatoes, and more than one way to cook eggs.

I believe green tomatoes were meant to be fried.

I believe fresh air and clean water are rights, not privileges.

I believe in spaces where the only sounds are birds chirping.

I believe in walking away from a person, a job, a house, or a car if the vibe ain’t right.

I believe in blood red Dansko clogs.

I believe a good lipstick, black mascara, and a pair of trouser jeans can make me look like a million dollars.

I believe in always wearing earrings when I leave the house, otherwise known as The Mamie Ford Rule.

I believe in God and Jesus.

I believe in divine gifts.

I believe in instinct.

I believe in truth.

I believe in honesty.

I believe that black is beautiful.

I believe in family.

I believe in building one’s tribe throughout our lives.

I believe that everyone is their own Oprah.

I believe in love.

I believe in lust.

I believe in the explosive power of soul love.

I believe in dreams.

I believe God gives us what and who we need.

I believe in the Age of Aquarius.

I believe in moon cycles.

I believe in the dark and the light.

I believe that I am the descendant of Northern African royalty, Caribbean farmers, and Virginia slaves.

I believe that the quickening of my heart is my ancestor’s sign that they are with me, always.

I believe that I am of another time and this time and times yet to come.

I believe that no one can remove the righteous crown from my head.

I believe,

I believe,

I believe.

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